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You Can Do it!

We will give you a turnkey start for your own source of weed! We will set you up with your very own grow house so you can have a permanent supply of weed. 


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Arizona Marijuana

Home gardeners

You Can Do it!

We will give you a turnkey start for your own source of weed! We will set you up with your very own grow house so you can have a permanent supply of weed. 

From Seed To Weed In 90 Days!

With the passage of the Smart and Safe Act (Arizona Proposition 207) Arizona now legalizes the use of recreational marijuana for adults 21 years and older for personal use at a primary residence.

Not only is recreational marijuana legal in Arizona, but also, residents are allowed to grow and harvest for personal use up to 6 marijuana plants for an individual household or 12 marijuana plants with households with 2 or more adults.

Anyone Over 21 Can Start A Marijuana Home Garden In Arizona!

  1. A top-quality, attractive marijuana grow house:

Arizona Law requires that marijuana grow houses have to be in a secured area on the grounds of a residence and enclosed with a lock. It’s not easy to build a functional and attractive structure, but we want you to have something that complements your backyard.

2. 6 or 12 planter pots (depending on size of household):

Arizona Law allows for six marijuana plants per individual, with a maximum of 12 for households with 2 or more people. We don’t just build the marijuana grow house, we provide all the supplies you need and will plant your first crop!

3. Top shelf marijuana seed strains (auto flower or full-term):

We partner with a recognized seed source in the industry (marijuanahomegardens.com). Your order will come with a 6 or 12 seed credit and you can choose from our variety of auto flowers that grow within 90 days or full-term term seeds that produce bigger plants but require more time.

4. ​Natural and organic soil with soil amendments:

You want some marijuana plants that grow quickly and lush! We use top-quality, organic soil combined with our proprietary mix of soil amendments to make sure you get buds!

5. ​Nutrients & nutrient feeding schedule:

There’s art to growing. This isn’t your mother’s vegetable garden where you jam some seeds in the ground and walk away…this is recreational smoke! We provide the nutrients and feeding schedule to maximize growth.

6. Watering System:

Our watering system contains a programmed timer that connects to a garden hose to keep these thirsty plants hydrated.

7. Installation of Grow House:

We will install a grow house in your yard, provide the soils, pots, and seeds you get from our third-party vendor. We will connect the watering system and timer and get you started.

8. Replant Your New Seeds:

When you engage in a monthly services contract with us, once a marijuana plant is harvested, you have to start over again, so every 90 days when you purchase new seeds from our partner at Marijuana Home Gardens, we will come and re-plant those seeds and start the process over again.

A Small Investment Can Save You Tens of Thousands of Dollars per Year!

If you suffer chronic pain, like to wake and bake, burn on the weekend or just like to zest up your brownies, at $250 or more per ounce, procuring weed can be costly!

By making an investment in a Marijuana Home Garden grow house with our optional service contract, in 90 days you’ll be producing more smoke than Puff the Magic Dragon! Let’s do the math, based on January 2021 prices, let’s say you are this type of smoker:

Consumer TypeOz/WeekOz/YearRetail Price/OzAnnual Spend
Chronic Pain Sufferer 1.5 78 $250 $19,500
Wake and Bake 1 52 $250 $13,000
Weekend Warrior 0.5 68 $250 $6,500
Betty Crocker 0.25 13 $250 $3,250
Consumer TypeOz/WeekOz/Year
Chronic Pain Sufferer 1.5 78
Wake and Bake 1 52
Weekend Warrior 0.5 68
Betty Crocker 0.25 13
Retail Price/OzAnnual Spend
$250 $19,500
$250 $13,000
$250 $6,500
$250 $3,250

For approximately $1,999, a Marijuana Home Garden grow house, you will get a start on a constant crop!

Auto Flower Seeds

# PlantsAvg Yield/Plant# Growing Cycles/YearAnnual YieldRetail PriceTotal Value
6 3 oz 3 54 oz $250/oz $13,500
12 3 oz 3 108 oz $250/oz $27,000
# PlantsAvg Yield/Plant# Growing Cycles/Year
6 3 oz 3
12 3 oz 3
Annual YieldRetail PriceTotal Value
54 oz $250/oz $13,500
108 oz $250/oz $27,000

Full Term Flower Seeds

# PlantsAvg Yield/Plant# Growing Cycles/YearAnnual YieldRetail PriceTotal Value
6 12 oz 1 72 oz $250/oz $18,000
12 12 oz 1 144 oz $250/oz $36,000
# PlantsAvg Yield/Plant# Growing Cycles/Year
6 12 oz 1
12 12 oz 1
Annual YieldRetail PriceTotal Value
72 oz $250/oz $18,000
144 oz $250/oz $36,000

Our Products

Marijuana Buckets

The Secret Is In The Soil!

We use undeniably the best super soil available in Arizona, which grows robust and heavy yielders. When you combine that with the high percentage THC genetics that are born from our Partners’ seeds, you some weed that is diggity dank!

Avoid the Hassle and Aggravation With an Optional Service Contract!

Growing weed isn’t easy, so if you don’t have a green thumb or the time and patience required to nurture your crop, sign up for a monthly service contract at $150 per month (no commitment–cancel any time) and we’ll come by every week to your residence to monitor plant growth, feed the soil with our proprietary nutrients, and examine moisture levels.

We will also check your plants for males and do any re-planting of females, if needed.
Marijuana Autoflower Seeds

Avoid the Hassle and Aggravation With an Optional Service Contract!

Under our optional service agreement, if you like, we will even plant you and nurture some full-term seeds. These take about 8 months to grow, but can yield up to 12 ounces of weed. The tricky part of these marijuana seeds is no vendor can guarantee you all female seeds. 
However, through our partner, Marijuana Home Gardens, you will get highly feminized seeds. Using those seeds, there is a high probability the seed will produce a female plant (see below why we hate males!). Furthermore, if sign up for our optional service contract, if we find a full-term male plant in your grow house, we will remove it and replace it with a female clone from your garden.

Common Questions and Answers

Yes! Effective immediately Arizona Proposition 207 allows for residents to start growing recreational marijuana for personal use.

Within 2 weeks from placing your deposit, we will schedule an appointment to come to your property and assemble your marijuana grow house.

Yes! If you sign up for a service contract and have us plant auto flowers, we will guarantee you a marijuana crop for every pot or will re-plant until you get one.

As opposed to a full-term seed, this seed produces plants that flower on their own after 2–4 weeks of growth, reach approximately 2 to 4 feet in height and will grow 2-4 ounces of marijuana in approximately 3 months. These are feminized seeds, which means you don’t have to worry about producing male plants.

Male marijuana plants do not produce flowers, and therefore will not give you anything to smoke. Even worse, males will pollinate your female plants, producing low quality buds that are full of seeds. 

A full-term marijuana seed produces a plant up to 6 feet tall, takes approximately 8 months to grow to full-term and will produce, on the average, 12 ounces of marijuana. A single full-term marijuana plant can yield more marijuana on average than three consecutive auto flower planting cycles, but as you can imagine, takes longer. Also, there is no way to tell the difference between a male and female seed and it takes about 60 days before you can make that determination. If you do grow a male plant, you have to throw it away and start over, lest it contaminate your female plants.

Yes! Since there is no way to know if you have male or female seeds, if you enter into a continuous service contract, if you elect for some full-term seeds and grow a male, when we are able to detect it, we will replace it for you at no charge.

There needs to be an 8 x 8 foot level space for a 6 plant grow house or 8 x 12 foot level space for a 12 plant grow house in an area that gets maximum daily sunlight (sun on it all day). Your backyard needs to be secure from the public and public view.

Natural and organic soils, peat moss, organic pine bark compost, green sand, worm castings (yum!) and much more!

Per Arizona Proposition 207, the Marijuana Grow House is not permitted to be seen from the public view (without the aid of binoculars, aircraft or other optical aids). Our grow house height is 6 feet, which typically is the same height as neighborhood fencing.

We provide a provide a secure and enclosed structure with a gate and lock to secure the plants. 

We will assemble it in approximately a few hours on site.

We are making sure the plans are watered, checking the plant’s moisture, ensuring the soil has the right balance of nutrients, trimming and training branches, checking the condition of the plants, examining the physical structure for damage.

No. When we are done building and planting, at that point you can take over the gardening duties, however, remember, once a plant is harvested, you have to start the process all over again, so you might want to keep us around to ensure a constant crop.

Yes. You will need to provide a hose that will fit on our timer to water your marijuana plants.

Our timers run a 20 minute drip system for 6 plants, so you are a looking at about 1 gallon of water per plant every two or three days depending on the season. You use more water in a week while showering!

We will provide a 1 year warranty from the date of installation against defects in materials and workmanship.

Yes. Take pictures of the damaged structure and we’ll provide an estimate. If you use us for a service contract, we will provide a discount on the repairs and waive any service calls.

We ask for 50% down and 50% upon delivery and completion of your marijuana grow house. If we determine that you do not have a suitable place to construct your grow house, we will refund you your 50% deposit, less a $100 delivery fee.